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AA27201sm.jpg Aviation Archive Series Avro Vulcan B2, Vulkcan to the Sky Return To Flight, Limited Edition, 1:72nd. Scale. Free Shipping Within The Lower Continental US. 1/72 249.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA33316sm.jpg Little Miss Mischief, Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 42-97880/DF-F, 1:72nd. Scale Die-Cast. 1/72 249.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA34018sm.jpg OCTOBER 2018 RELEASE: B-24® Liberator® ( Male Call ) 453rd BG, US Eighth Air Force, 1944 - Jimmy Stewart, 1:72nd. Scale, Limited To 1500 Worldwide. Often unfairly overshadowed by both the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and later B-29 Superfortress, the distinctive Consolidated B-24 Liberator was the third of America’s heavy bombers used during WWII and has the distinction of being the most heavily produced four-engined bomber in aviation history. Serving in every theatre of operation during the Second World War, the Liberator formed the backbone of the Allied daylight bombing offensive against Germany and with its shoulder mounted, highly efficient wing, deep fuselage and H-shaped tail unit, the Liberator’s impressive range also helped to close the ‘Atlantic gap’ in the vital sea battle against German U-boats, which threatened Britain’s critical supply lines. Like so many other of the 18,500 B-24s produced during WWII, Liberator 42-52154 ‘Male Call’ was an extremely hard working machine, surviving the war having completed an impressive 95 bombing missions – she is thought to have been the only survivor of the original 61 aircraft assigned to the 453rd Bombardment Group, which arrived at RAF Old Buckenham airfield on 21st January 1944. The aircraft was one of the Liberators flown by celebrated Hollywood actor James ‘Jimmy’ Stewart during his time as Group Operations Officer with the 453rd Bombardment Group at the Norfolk airfield. 1/72 189.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA35312sm.jpg NA B-25 Mitchell - Tokyo Raid Doolittle Raiders Ruptured Duck One of the sixteen North American B-25 Mitchell medium bombers that took part in the famous Doolittle Raid of 1942, 'The Ruptured Duck,' along with Doolittle's own aircraft is one of the best known of the aircraft that took part. Conceived as a way to boost the morale of a nation still reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbour, the Doolittle Raid consisted of the USAAF flying a number of B-25 Medium bombers off an aircraft carrier close to Japan, bombing Tokyo and then flying on to land in China. While material damage would be slight, the effect on morale back in America, and detrimentally in Japan, would be huge.'The Ruptured Duck' got its name from scraping its rear fuselage on the runway during training. After bombing Tokyo the aircraft flew on to China where it crashed into the sea near Shangchow. All of the crew survived, though the pilot Lt. Ted Lawson lost a leg in the ditching. 1/72 225.00 LIMITED STOCK
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AA35313sm.jpg APRIL 2017 RELEASE: North American B-25B Mitchell, 40-2249, ""Hari Kari-er"", Doolittle Raid, 1942 1:72, Limited Edition Of 1556 Units WorldWide. As the USS Hornet task force approached the Japanese coast, they were spotted by an enemy ship and decided to launch their aircraft early. Just after 8am on 18th April 1942, sixteen B-25 bombers lifted off the relatively short deck of USS Hornet and set course for Japan – this would be the first time that any of these airmen had taken off from the deck of an aircraft carrier at sea. Flying at extremely low level, the raiders had a six-hour flight ahead of them before reaching their targets, almost certain that they would be intercepted by enemy fighters. If they managed to complete their mission, they would then fly on to China, but it would be very much a case of every man for himself. 1/72 149.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA36013sm.jpg JUNE 2018 RELEASE: Hawk XX246 / 95-Y 100 Squadron - 100 Years of the RAF, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 64.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA27107sm.jpg MAY 2018 RELEASE: Messerschmitt BF109G-6 Kurt Gabler JG300 "" Red 8 "", 1/72nd. Scale. 1/72 56.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA28004sm.jpg JANUARY 2018 RELEASE: Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 ‘Yellow 1’ Oblt. Gerhard Schopfel, Battle of Britain, 1:72ND. 1/72 56.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA28005sm.jpg SEPTEMBER 2018 RELEASE: Me109E-4 Wilhelm Balthasar 1./JG 1 France 1940, 1/72nd. Scale. 1/72 56.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA38209sm.jpg MARCH 2018 RELEASE: Douglas Dakota C47A Skytrain Berlin Airlift 1:72 Scale. 1/72 159.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA36111sm.jpg NOVEMBER 2018 RELEASE: Consolidated Catalina IVA JV928 ‘Y’ F/Off Alexander Cruickshank VC 210 Squadron July 1944 - 100 Years of the RAF, 1:72nd. Scale. 1/72 157.95 PRE-ORDER DUE NOVEMBER 2018
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AA38808sm.jpg NOVEMBER 2018 RELEASE: Dornier Do17Z-10 Kauz R4+AK, I/NJG.2, Erich Jung, Gilze-Rijen airfield, Holland, October 1940, 1:72nd Scale. As the most heavily produced version of the Luftwaffe’s distinctive ‘Flying Pencil’, the Dornier Do17Z would see plenty of action during WWII, including several roles for which the aircraft was not initially intended. Almost obsolete by the time of the Battle of Britain, this ungainly looking bomber was also rather surprisingly pressed into service as a heavy night fighter, as the Luftwaffe tried to establish an effective force to repel the growing number of RAF raids targeting German cities. Contesting a deadly game of nocturnal cat and mouse, the aircraft of l/NJG.2 represented a specialist unit mounting long range night intruder missions over Britain, aiming to disrupt Bomber Command operations a little closer to their home bases, attacking bombers returning from their latest raid as they prepared to land. This sinister looking Do17Z-10 Kauz (Screech Owl) had been modified specifically for the task and was equipped with a nose mounted infra-red searchlight and detection system, along with a devastating array of weaponry designed to make short work of any British bomber it detected. Operating from the captured Dutch airfield at Gilze-Rijen, R4+AK was the mount of future night fighter ace Erich Jung, who ended the war with 28 nocturnal victories. 1/72 119.95 PRE-ORDER DUE NOVEMBER 2018
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AA28401sm.jpg VERY LIMITED: English Electric Lightning F6 XR728/JS , RAF Binbrook, 1:48th. Scale. 1/48 269.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA28402sm.jpg OCTOBER 2018 RELEASE: English Electric Lightning F.6 XS927/N, RAF No.74 Squadron ‘The Tigers’ k, 1:48th. Scale. When the English Electric Lightning entered RAF service with No.74 Squadron at Coltishall in June 1960, Britain had its first true supersonic interceptor and one of the most potent fighting aeroplanes the world had ever seen. Charged with protecting Britain from aerial attack, everything about a Lightning mission involved speed, with pilots using the blistering climb performance of the aircraft to mount a ‘Supersonic dash’ to the target, returning to base, refuelling and rearming before repeating the process if the situation dictated. The ultimate incarnation of the country’s first and only all British supersonic fighter aircraft was the F.6 variant, which addressed many of the issues associated with earlier Lightnings, whilst retaining the stellar performance of this magnificent aircraft. Lightning F.6 XS927 made its maiden flight from the English Electric factory on 15th February 1967, in the hands of celebrated test pilot Roland Beamont, before joining No.74 Squadron at Coltishall in early April the same year – this was the last F.6 to join the Squadron before they moved to RAF Tengah in Singapore. Wearing the iconic colours of this famous squadron, it is no wonder the Lightning served to inspire a great many people to join the Royal Air Force and for many, is still an enduring symbol of when the British aviation industry was at the peak of its manufacturing prowess. As one of the most famous squadrons of the Royal Air Force, No.74 ‘Tiger’ Squadron can trace its history back to 1st July 1917 and has been associated with such classic fighting aircraft as the SE5a, Hawker Hurricane and Gloster Meteor since that date. For many enthusiasts though, its most poignant association has been with the mighty English Electric Lightning, an aviation icon of the Cold War Period and one of the most significant achievements of the British aviation industry. As the Squadron selected to welcome the Lightning into frontline service in the summer of 1960, the ‘Tigers’ went on to operate the F.3 variant, T.4 and T.5 trainers, along with the ultimate F.6 fighter version of the Lightning. Indeed, No.74 Squadron was again to be the first unit equipped with the definitive F.6 version of the aircraft, which was capable of being fitted with over-wing tanks to extend the operating range of this potent fighter and resulted in the Squadron being assigned to the RAF Far East Air Force, based at Tengah in Singapore. In June 1967, the Lightnings of No.74 Squadron began leaving Leuchars for their ferry flight to the Far East, with their arrival at RAF Tengah several days later relying on the support of no fewer than seventeen Victor tankers, which provided the aircraft with an essential air to air refuelling platform during their flight. After enforcing the effective air defence of the region for just over four years, the Lightnings of No.74 Squadron were flown to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, where they were handed over to the care of No.56 Squadron, prior to 74 Squadron being disbanded and bringing their proud association with Britain’s only indigenous supersonic fighter to an end. 1/48 187.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA36310-Asm.jpg Fairey Swordfish Mk.I L2742, HMS Courageous, 1937 With Floats. LIMITED TO 1500 WORLDWIDE!! 1/72 199.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CC99307sm.jpg Hawker Hurricane MkII, 1:72 Scale 1/72 17.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA38307sm.jpg JUNE 2018 RELEASE: Fokker DR1, Lt. Eberhard Mohinicke, Jasta 11,von Richthofen's Flying Circus, 1:48th. Scale. 1/48 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA38308sm.jpg JUNE 2018 RELEASE: Fokker DR.1 Dreidecker 425/17, Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen, Jasta 11, JG.1, Cappy Aerodrome, France, 21st April, 1918. Manfred von Richthofen is regarded as one of the most skilled pilots of WWI and developed his formidable reputation in the iconic red Fokker Dr.1. Just added to the 2018 Corgi Range - this Special Edition model commemorates 100 years since the death of this ace fighter pilot., 1:48th. Scale. 1/48 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA38906sm.jpg NOVEMBER 2018 RELEASE: Fokker D.VII (OAW) 4649/18 ‘Seven Swabians’ Wilhelm Scheutzel, Jasta 65, September 1918, 1:48th. Scale. Although the air war had turned inexorably in favour of the Allies by the late summer of 1918, the Luftstreitkrafte were still able to introduce an aircraft which is generally considered to be the finest fighter of the Great War, the Fokker D.VII. German pilots had a saying that this new fighter could make a mediocre pilot good and a good pilot into an ace, but unfortunately this was to prove a case of too little, too late. Fokker D.VII 4649/18 has to be considered one of the most flamboyantly decorated fighters of the Great War – adorning both sides of the aircraft’s fuselage, an elaborate scene featuring the ‘Seven Swabians’ from a famous Brothers Grimm German Fairy Tale must have made for an unusual sight. Brandishing an oversized spear which required all seven of the Swabians to carry, the story tells the farcical tale of this hapless group and their futile attempts to achieve greatness through performing great deeds. Showing an incredible level of artistic talent, the artwork was slightly different on both sides of the aircraft, however, despite all this decorative effort, this particular fighter was to achieve no more than two aerial victories during its short service career. 1/48 79.95 PRE-ORDER DUE NOVEMBER 2018
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AA34317sm.jpg JUNE 2018 RELEASE: Fw190 A-8/R2 11.(Sturm)/JG 3 Willi Maximowitz 1944, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 54.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA36209sm.jpg Pattle, No. 80 Sqn., Gloster Gladiator Mk.I L8011/YK-D, Egypt, 1940. LIMITED TO 1200 WORLDWIDE, ONLY1 LEFT!! 1/72 89.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA27304sm.jpg JUNE 2018 RELEASE: RAF No. 1 Squadron RAF, “ C ” Flight Leader’s Aircraft, 1:72nd. Scale. 1/72 64.95 PRE-ORDER DUE JUNE 2018
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AA39601sm.jpg Hawker Hart 600 Squadron, RAF Hendon, 1935, LIMITED TO 2000 WORLDWIDE!! Only 1 Available!!! 1/72 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA37610sm.jpg MAY 2017 RELEASE: Westland Wessex HC.2 XV721, 72 Squadron RAF 1:72 1/72 62.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39007sm.jpg MAY 2016 RELEASE: HAS 3 (ICE), assigned to HMS Endurance, 2002, Westland Lynx 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 62.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39104sm.jpg Westland Whirlwind HAR10, 1:72 Nicosia Cyprus 1973  1/72 54.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA27607sm.jpg Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, V6799 / SD-X Pilot Officer K.W Mackenzie, RAF No.501 Squadron, 100 Years of the RAF. It is difficult to imagine how the young men of Fighter Command managed to cope with the rigors of aerial combat during the Battle of Britain. Facing overwhelming odds and with the fate of the nation squarely in their hands, they were forced to fight for their lives on almost a daily basis and for Britain to survive, they would have to shoot down enemy aircraft at a rate of almost 4 to 1. Their bravery and determination is now the stuff of legend and the many stories of heroism and almost unbelievable devotion to duty they displayed, continue to inspire many people to this day. One such incident occurred on 7th October 1940, when Pilot Officer Ken Mackenzie was chasing a damaged Messerschmitt Bf 109 over the south coast. Having used up all his ammunition, he was determined not to let the Luftwaffe fighter limp back to France, only to threaten his RAF comrades another day. Manoeuvring his Hurricane close to the low flying 109, he used his wing tip to sever the port stabilizer of the Messerschmitt, sending it spinning into the sea and taking the outer section of his own wing with it. He was then set upon by two more 109s and sustaining damage to his Hurricane, just managed to avoid cliffs near Folkestone and belly land his fighter in the first field he saw. The 24 year old Mackenzie quickly returned to action and claimed at least seven enemy aircraft destroyed during the Battle of Britain, 1:72 Scale. 1/72 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA32820sm.jpg JANUARY 2019 RELEASE: D.H Mosquito B.IV DK296 105 Squadron Flt. Lt. D A G 'George' Parry June 1942 - 100 Years of the RAF, 1/72nd. Scale. 1/72 99.95 PRE-ORDER DUE JANUARY 2019
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B17 ""Baby Lu"" w/Nose Art.   9.99 LIMITED STOCK
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B17 ""Yankee Doodle"" w/Nose Art.   9.99 LIMITED STOCK
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CS90363sm.jpg P38 Lightning ""Marge"" w/Nose Art.   9.99 LIMITED STOCK
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P38 ""Miss Virginia"" w/Nose Art.   9.99 LIMITED STOCK
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P38 ""Down Beat "" w/Nose Art.   9.99 LIMITED STOCK
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CS90371sm.jpg Hawker Hurricane, RAF 71 w/Nose Art.   9.99 LIMITED STOCK
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CS90412sm.jpg B17F ""Never Satisfied""   9.99 LIMITED STOCK
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AA28104sm.jpg JANUARY 2018 RELEASE: Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2 P8127 ‘White 47’, Robert ‘R.T’ Smith, 3rd Sqn AVG., 1:72 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA27701sm.jpg P51-D Mustang, Lt. Julian H Bertram, 362nd Fighter Squadron, 44-14798 G4-V 'Butch Baby' 1/72 54.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA27705sm.jpg MARCH 2018 RELEASE: North American P-51D Mustang 44-13586/C5-T ‘Hurry Home Honey’, USAAF, 1:72 Scale. 1/72 74.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA37706sm.jpg RAF SE5a, 1:48  25th Aero Sqn USAAS     1/48 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA37708sm.jpg JUNE 2018 RELEASES: SE5a F-904 Major C E M Pickthorn (MC) RAF No.84 Squadron France November 1918 - 100 Years of RAF, 1/48 Die Cast Model. 1/48 65.00 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39501sm.jpg MacRoberts Reply, Short Stirling Mk.I N6086/LS-F, 15 Sqn., Wyton, October 1941. LIMITED TO 2000 WORLDWIDE, But Only About 300 Were Shipped To The US Market. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF SHIPPING CARRIER. VERY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!! 1/72 299.95 LIMITED STOCK
Short Sunderland
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AA27501sm.jpg Short Sunderland MkIII, EJ134, 461 Squadron RAAF, 1943, 1:72nd. Scale. Built at Short Brothers in Kent, Sunderland EJ134 joined No.461 Squadron RAAF on 31st December 1942 at Hamworthy Junction in Dorset. On 2nd June 1943, with its famous call sign “N for Nuts” and piloted by Flight Lt. Colin Walker, it set out over the Bay of Biscay conducting a routine anti-submarine patrol. The crew had been ordered to look out for survivors of a KLM civil airliner when they came under fire by no fewer than eight Junkers JU 88s of the Luftwaffe’s 13/KG40 in what was to be the first of at least twenty separate attacks that would last forty-five minutes. The aircraft was severely damaged from the attacks, but it had a trick up its sleeve in its two 50. caliber machine guns and shot down at least three of the enemy aircraft before the crew navigated the dying plane back to Britain where they ditched just off the beach of Praa Sands. Note: Very Few Remain Available For Ordering So Order Now If You Have Not Already Ordered Your. 1/72 199.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA38107sm.jpg Sopwith Camel F1, B6372, Capt. M. B. Frew, 45 Squadron RFC. The Sopwith Camel is one of the most famous fighter planes of the First World War. An agile and powerful biplane it found fame in the hands of many famous Allied aces such as Major William Barker as well as the pilot of this Camel, Capt. M. B. Frew. Based in Italy by early 1918, 45 squadron was tasked mainly with ground attack and offensive patrols against the Axis forces in the theatre. From his total tally of 23 aerial victories, 12 were claimed in this very machine along with a further 5 claimed by fellow squadron mates C. N. Jones and J. Cottle, making this a highly successful example of the Sopwith biplane. Only 1 Available!!! 1/48 79.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA38109sm.jpg DECEMBER 2018 RELEASE: Sopwith F.1 Camel B6401 No.3 Squadron RNAS, Northern France, 1918, 1:48th. Scale. Canadian ace Lloyd Samuel Breadner can surely claim to have flown one of the most distinctive Sopwith Camels on the Western Front. Featuring two large circles on the top wing, his aircraft also included King of Diamonds playing cards on the top of the lower wings, the badge of the Canadian Expeditionary Force carried behind the cockpit and a striking red and white ‘rising sun’ on the tail and elevators - there can be no doubting that Flight Lieutenant Breadner wanted his German opponents to see him coming. Joining No.3 Squadron RNAS in 1917, Breadner initially flew the Sopwith Pup scout, in which he managed to score seven aerial victories, one of which was a mighty German Gotha bomber on 23rd April 1917, the first time a British fighter had brought down one of these behemoth’s over the Western Front. When his unit converted to the new Sopwith Camel, he went on to score a further three victories during September 1917, all of which were against Luftstreitkrafte Albatros D.V fighters. Surviving the war, Breadner became Air Officer Commanding-in Chief RCAF Overseas during WWII and on his retirement, was promoted to Air Chief Marshal – the first Canadian to hold this rank. 1/48 79.95 PRE-ORDER DUE DECEMBER 2018
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AA35415sm.jpg OCTOBER 2018 RELEASE: Jaguar T.4 XX838 No16 (R) Squadron Coltishall - 100 Years of the RAF, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39207sm.jpg Supermarine Spitfire MkI - Duxford. P9374 was the 557th Spitfire built. Delivered to 92 Squadron on the 6th March 1940, the aircraft quickly found itself, along with the squadron, moved down to Croydon just south of London to cover the Allied evacuation of Dunkirk. It was on one such mission on 24th May 1940 that P9374 was lost. P/O Peter Cazenove was flying the aircraft when it was attacked by future ace Werner Hoffman flying a Bf110. Cazenove made a wheels up landing on a Calais beach and was quickly captured. The wreck lay on the beach covered by the sand until exposed due to a storm in September 1980. The aircraft looked more or less complete, with the engine and fuselage visible. The wreck was recovered towards the end of that year. The parts were passed around a number of collectors before ending up with the Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford who finished the restoration, enabling it to take to the air for the first time since the 24th May 1940 on the 1st September 2011. Sadly Peter Cazenove, also a veteran of the 'Great Escape', passed away just days before he could be informed of the successful return to flight of his beloved Spitfire. 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39210sm.jpg Spitfire MkI, LO-Q, L1004 Squadron Leader A Johnstone, 602 Squadron, DFC Tangmere, August 1940. Note: Very Few Remain Available For Ordering So Order Now If You Have Not Already Ordered Your. Orders Will Begin Shipping The Week Of November 9th.. 1/72 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39211sm.jpg JUNE 2016 RELEASE: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I R6800/LZ-N, Sqn. Ldr. Rupert ‘Lucky’ Leigh, RAF No.66 Squadron, Gravesend, September 1940. For young British pilots in the late 1940s, the most exciting and enigmatic aircraft that they could possibly hope to fly was the new Supermarine Spitfire. The absolute pinnacle of aviation technology at that time, the Spitfire was a thoroughbred in every sense of the word and simply a beautiful aeroplane to look at. Just a few short months after the Spitfire entered RAF service, it would be called upon to fight for the very survival of Britain and the free world, as swarms of Luftwaffe aircraft launched massed attacks against RAF airfields and strategic targets across southern England. The handsome Spitfire would have to bare its teeth and take on the feared Messerschmitt Bf 109! 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39213sm.jpg JULY 2018 RELEASE: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa P7823 / TM-F ‘Down Belfast Telegraph Spitfire Fund’ - 100 Years of the RAF, 1:72nd. Scale. 1/72 64.95 PRE-ORDER DUE JULY 2018
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AA39807sm.jpg APRIL 2017 RELEASE: Panavia Tornado F.3 ZG797/D ‘Desperation’ RAF No.29 Squadron, Falklands Defence 1:72 1/72 119.95 LIMITED STOCK

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