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Model No Description Scale Price Stock Status
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HD3005sm.jpg Special  U.S. Air Force, Modern Weapon Loading 1/72 Set. 1/72 21.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRF70159Ssm.jpg Special  (SPECIAL EDITION), (Jeb) U.S. Army Airborne Bar Gunner - 17th Airborne Division Operation Varsity 1945. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF SHIPPING CARRIER. 1/6 99.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1324sm.jpg Special  OCTOBER 2017 RELEASE: A-10C Warthog (Tigress) 79-0090, 47th FS, 917th FG, Barksdale AFB, 2011, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 149.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1326sm.jpg Special  SEPTEMBER 2018 RELEASE: A-10C Warthog 81-0994, 107th FS/127th Wing, Michigan, Aug 2017, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 124.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA4701sm.jpg Special  156624, RVAH-6, USS Kitty Hawk, 1971, RA-5C Vigilante 1/72 Die Cast Model. This newly tooled, 1/72 scale replica of an RA-5C (modified for tactical strike reconnaissance operations) features a finely cast body that perfectly recreates the crisp edges and canoe-shaped fairing of the original, an intricate tandem cockpit, detailed air intakes and exhaust ports, and optional-position land gear. It even wears the authentic markings of an RA-5C operated by RVAH-6 off of the USS Kitty Hawk in 1971. 1/72 159.95 LIMITED STOCK
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72AA004sm.jpg Special  Avro Anson Mk.I – No. 233 Squadron, RAF Coastal Command, 1937 1/72 39.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AF1-0110sm.jpg Special  SEPTEMBER 2016 RELEASE: “A Bit O’ Lace” The latest from Air Force 1 Model Company! This 1/72 scale, die cast replica beautifully resembles “A Bit O’ Lace,” a B-17G Flying Fortress with the 447th Bomb Group that flew lead on many raids deep into Nazi-occupied territory during World War II. A real stunner, she wears sultry pin-up nose art based on artist Milt Caniff’s “Miss Lace” comic strip personality, and features a well-equipped cockpit with glazed windows, detailed gunner stations, and intricate landing gear. Mounted on the metal display stand, she becomes the crowning piece in any collection. “A Bit O’ Lace” is in limited supply. 1/72 99.00 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1813sm.jpg Special  OCTOBER 2017 RELEASE: BF 110E-2 (Operation Donnerkuil) G9+JM, 4./N.JG1, St Trond, France, Feb., 1942, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRW55539sm.jpg Special  Connie L-1049G Super Constellation™ with Collectors Tin. This L-1049G with registration # VH-EAG was originally issued to Qantas in 1954. After years of superb performance and numerous inaugural flights it was sold to Boeing in 1963 and eventuall 1/400 19.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AC070sm.jpg Special  Vought Corsair III – 718 Squadron, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, Ballyhalbert, Northern Ireland, 1945 1/72 14.95 LIMITED STOCK
De Havilland DH.104 Dove
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72DV001sm.jpg Special  de Havilland DH.104 Dove, Dan Air 1/72 39.95 LIMITED STOCK
De Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth
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72PM001sm.jpg Special  1ST QUARTER 2014: (Jason II,) G-AAZV, Aviatrix Amy Johnson, de Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth 1/72 Die Cast Model. An exciting new entry in Oxford Diecast’s popular (History of Flight) collection, this model resembles (Jason II,) the de Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth flown by famous aviatrix Amy Johnson and her co-pilot during their July 1931 record-making flight from London to Moscow (1,760 miles in an impressive 21 hours) and on to Tokyo. Celebrating that spectacular moment in aviatrix history, this die cast model is an amazing addition to any collector’s shelf. In July 1931, Johnson and her co-pilot Jack Humphreys, became the first pilots to fly from London to Moscow in one day, completing the 1,760 miles (2,830 km) journey in approximately 21 hours. From there, they continued across Siberia and on to Tokyo, setting a record time for flying from Britain to Japan. The flight was completed in a de Havilland Puss Moth. 1/72 29.95 LIMITED STOCK
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72PM002sm.jpg Special  1ST QUARTER 2014: K1824, RAF Trainer, 1941, de Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 29.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA4805sm.jpg Special  FEBRUARY 2016 RELEASE: 942, Israeli Defense Force, Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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EM-STSHTL2sm.jpg Special  AUGUST 2017 RELEASE: Executive Shuttle (SD-103), Shuttlecraft Type-7, Type 15 Shuttle, Shuttlecraft Pod 1, Star Trek Shuttlecraft Die Cast Model 4-Pack #2.   69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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EM-STSHTL3sm.jpg Special  JANUARY 2018 RELEASE: Star Trek Shuttlecraft 4-Pack #3, Argo, Shuttlecraft Type-11, Travel Pod and Work Bee, Die Cast Models, Will Come With Collector Magazines.   69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA28401sm.jpg Special  VERY LIMITED: English Electric Lightning F6 XR728/JS , RAF Binbrook, 1:48th. Scale. 1/48 239.95 LIMITED STOCK
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FA728006sm.jpg Special  JULY 2014 RELEASE: Blue Angels, # 3, 141850, 1964-65, F-11F-1 Tiger 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CW001608sm.jpg Special  JUNE 2014 RELEASE: Wings of Heroes Grumman F-14B Tomcat, Us Navy VF-101 Grim Reapers AD101 1995 Tomato. 1/72 Die Cast Model. LIMITED TO 1200 WORLDWIDE!! FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF CARRIER. VERY LIMITED QTY LEFT!! 1/72 179.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CW001609sm.jpg Special  Wings of Heroes Grumman F-14B Tomcat - USN VF-11 Red Rippers, AG200, USS George Washington, Last F-14 Cruise 2005. 1/72 Die Cast Model. LIMITED TO 1002 WORLDWIDE!! FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF CARRIER. VERY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE. 1/72 159.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CW001613sm.jpg Special  Wings of Heroes (Santa Cat), Grumman F-14B VF-103 Jolly Rogers, AA201 from the USS George Washington. (Launch Configuration). This means wings are fixed in the full-forward position, leading and trailing edge flaps permanently deployed and the nose-gear compressed with launch bar extended. 1/72 Die Cast Model. US Navy Fighter Squadron 103 (VF-103) was activated in 1952. Three US Navy squadrons have used the name and insignia of the Jolly Roger: VF-61 (originally VF-17), VF-84, and VFA-103. While these are distinctly different squadrons that have no lineal linkage, they all share the same Jolly Rogers name, the skull and crossbones insignia and traditions. VF-103 began life as an F4U Corsair squadron and after progressing through the F9F Cougar, F-8 Crusader and F-4 Phantom II, it was among the last fighter squadrons to transition to the F-14A Tomcat. In 1989, they upgraded to a more powerful breed of Tomcat, the F-14B. When VF-84 was disestablished in 1995, VF-103 abandoned its (Sluggers) nickname and adopted the famous (Jolly Rogers) name and insignia for itself. After several deployments to the Persian Gulf, VF-103 deployed with the F-14B for the final time in 2004 aboard the USS John F. Kennedy before transitioning to the F/A-18F Super Hornets it operates today. While deployed aboard the USS George Washington in December of 2000, F-14B BuNo 161435 wore this festive Jolly Rogers insignia and earned the nickname (Santa Cat). LIMITED TO 1200 WORLDWIDE SO PRE-ORDER NOW!! FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF CARRIER. 1/72 189.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CW001614sm.jpg Special  F-14B Tomcat USN VF-102 Diamondbacks, AB102, USS Theodore Roosevelt, Operation Enduring Freedom 2001. LIMITED TO 1500 WORLDWIDE!! FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF CARRIER. 1/72 119.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CW001615sm.jpg Special  JUNE 2015 RELEASE: Wings of Heroes Grumman US Navy F-14D Tomcat VF-31 Tomcatters, Fleet Defense Fighter, USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), 2006. LIMITED TO 1500 WORLDWIDE SO PRE-ORDER NOW!! FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF CARRIER. 1/72 124.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CW001617sm.jpg Special  Wings of Heroes Grumman F-14D Tomcat Diecast Model USN VF-213 Blacklions, AJ213, USS Theodore Roosevelt, Last F-14 Cruise 2006. US Navy Fighter Squadron 213 (VF-213) Blacklions was established on June 22nd, 1955 at Moffet Field, California, flying the F2H Banshee. The squadron transitioned to the F4D Skyray and F3H Demon before relocating to NAS Miramar. They upgraded to the F-4B Phantom II in 1964 and continued to operate this type until they switched to the F-14A Tomcat in September 1976. They flew the F-14A for more than twenty years before upgrading to the F-14D Super Tomcat in 1997 as they relocated, once more, this time to NAS Oceana. The squadron made its final cruise with the Tomcat aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2005-2006. After nearly 30 years with the Tomcat, VF-213 was re-designated VFA-213 in 2006 and transitioned to the F/A-18F Super Hornet. 1/72 139.95 LIMITED STOCK
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CW001619sm.jpg Special  Celebrating Century Wings 10 Year Anniversary With This Grumman F-14A Tomcat USN VF-84 Jolly Rogers, AJ200, USS Nimitz, 1978, Landing Configuration, Limited To 1500 Worldwide US Navy Fighter Squadron 84 (VF-84) was established on July 1st, 1955. Three US Navy squadrons have used the name and insignia of the Jolly Roger: VF-61 (originally VF-17), VF-84, and VFA-103. While these are distinctly different squadrons that have no lineal linkage, they all share the same Jolly Rogers name, the skull and crossbones insignia and traditions. VF-84 adopted the name in 1960 while operating the FJ-3 Fury. The squadron transitioned through the F-8 Crusader and F-4 Phantom II before upgrading to the F-14A Tomcat in 1976. VF-84 deployed several times aboard the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt before being disestablished on October 1st, 1995, and handing over the Jolly Rogers title to VF-103. Limited Stock available. 1/72 139.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA5215sm.jpg Special  SEPTEMBER 2017 RELEASE: VF-74 ""Be-Devilers"", USS Saratoga, 1987, F-14A Tomcat 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 119.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA3818sm.jpg Special  OCTOBER 2013 RELEASE: Lockheed F-16I SUFA No. 107 Squadron, Knights of the Orange Tail, July 2006. 1/72 129.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA3825sm.jpg Special  JULY 2014 RELEASE: TGeneral Dynamics F-16A/Netz No.124, Tayaset 115 (Flying Dragon Squadron), 2012. 1/72 79.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1938Bsm.jpg Special  APRIL 2014 RELEASE: REGULAR EDITION: McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom II No. 67-550, Major Dan Cherry F-4D, 13th TFS, 432nd TRW, 16 April, 1972. This is the F-4 that downed the MiG-21 HA0181A and HA0181B By Hobby Master. NOTE: Major Dan Cherry and Lt. Hong My’s story is well documented and very fascinating. If you would like to learn more about these two amazing individuals, please visit 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1939sm.jpg Special  APRIL 2014 RELEASE: F-4E ""Kurnass 2000"" s/n 584, 201st Sqn., Israel Air Force, 1970s. 1/72 79.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1955sm.jpg Special  Snoopy - War's Hell, McDonnell Douglas RF-4C 65-0876, 11th TRS, 432nd TRW Udorn RTAB, 1969. 1/72 79.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1959sm.jpg Special  JUNE 2014 RELEASE: RF-4E Phantom II No.488, Israeli Air Force, 119 Squadron (Bat). 1/72 89.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1977sm.jpg Special  AUGUST 2017 RELEASE: McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom II 38+13 (Final Flight), WTD-61 Manching AB, 2013 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 79.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA3327sm.jpg Special  JULY 2017 RELEASE: Northrop F-5E Tiger II 3528, 935th Fighter Regiment, VPAF, late 1970s. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
F-84 Thunderjet
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SM6011sm.jpg Special  F-84G Thunderjet 110145, Royal Norwegian AF, 1957. ONLY 1 LEFT!! 1/72 34.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA4303sm.jpg Special  Golden Hawk Sabre Mk.5 23037, 1960 Aerobatic Team, RCAF. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA36310-Asm.jpg Special  Fairey Swordfish Mk.I L2742, HMS Courageous, 1937 With Floats. LIMITED TO 1500 WORLDWIDE!! 1/72 169.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA37610sm.jpg Special  MAY 2017 RELEASE: Westland Wessex HC.2 XV721, 72 Squadron RAF 1:72 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39007sm.jpg Special  MAY 2016 RELEASE: HAS 3 (ICE), assigned to HMS Endurance, 2002, Westland Lynx 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39104sm.jpg Special  Westland Whirlwind HAR10, 1:72 Nicosia Cyprus 1973  1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA2212sm.jpg Special  JANUARY 2018 RELEASE: SB2C-4E Helldiver No. 210, VB-84, USS Bunker Hill, Tokyo Raids, Feb 1945, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA2213sm.jpg Special  JANUARY 2018 RELEASE: SB2C-4E Helldiver No. 203, VB-87, USS Ticonderoga, May 1945, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA27607sm.jpg Special  Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, V6799 / SD-X Pilot Officer K.W Mackenzie, RAF No.501 Squadron, 100 Years of the RAF. It is difficult to imagine how the young men of Fighter Command managed to cope with the rigors of aerial combat during the Battle of Britain. Facing overwhelming odds and with the fate of the nation squarely in their hands, they were forced to fight for their lives on almost a daily basis and for Britain to survive, they would have to shoot down enemy aircraft at a rate of almost 4 to 1. Their bravery and determination is now the stuff of legend and the many stories of heroism and almost unbelievable devotion to duty they displayed, continue to inspire many people to this day. One such incident occurred on 7th October 1940, when Pilot Officer Ken Mackenzie was chasing a damaged Messerschmitt Bf 109 over the south coast. Having used up all his ammunition, he was determined not to let the Luftwaffe fighter limp back to France, only to threaten his RAF comrades another day. Manoeuvring his Hurricane close to the low flying 109, he used his wing tip to sever the port stabilizer of the Messerschmitt, sending it spinning into the sea and taking the outer section of his own wing with it. He was then set upon by two more 109s and sustaining damage to his Hurricane, just managed to avoid cliffs near Folkestone and belly land his fighter in the first field he saw. The 24 year old Mackenzie quickly returned to action and claimed at least seven enemy aircraft destroyed during the Battle of Britain, 1:72 Scale. 1/72 44.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRW55674-Lsm.jpg Special  U.S. Navy P-3C Orion. This high quality diecast model is of a U.S. Navy P-3C Orion, SPECIAL VERSION WITH LIME LABEL. 1/400 24.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRW55674-Osm.jpg Special  U.S. Navy P-3C Orion. This high quality diecast model is of a U.S. Navy P-3C Orion, SPECIAL VERSION WITH ORANGE LABEL. 1/400 24.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA5502sm.jpg Special  MARCH 2017 RELEASE: Chiao Wu O, 29th FS/5th FG, Chinese Air Force, China 1944, P-40N Warhawk 1/72 Die Cast Model, NEW TOOL! 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AF1-00113Asm.jpg Special  SEPTEMBER 2014 RELEASE: REGULAR EDITION (BLUE DRESS NOSE ART). Lady in the Dark,' Major Lee Kendall, 548th NFS, 1945, P-61B Black Widow. Resembling the P-61B Black Widow that scored the last aerial victory of World War II, this 1/72 scale, die cast model is simply incredible! Air Force 1 Model Company, a leading manufacturer of detailed military, aviation, and other die cast collectibles, this P-61B wears the authentic markings of “Lady in the Dark,” which, piloted by Major Lee Kendall of the 548th Night Fighter Squadron in the Pacific Theater on August 14, 1945, was officially credited with the last Allied victory of the war. Best of all, she is available in two versions. The standard edition features “Lady in the Dark’s” pin-up nose art wearing a blue gossamer blouse – as shown on archival photographs. The real treat for collectors, however, is the limited edition Signature Series model, which includes the autographed nameplate of Maj. Kendall along with nose art of “Lady” clad in a white gossamer blouse described by Maj. Kendall as the original color. Arriving ready to display on the included durable metal stand, it has an 11"" wingspan. 1/72 99.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39501sm.jpg Special  MacRoberts Reply, Short Stirling Mk.I N6086/LS-F, 15 Sqn., Wyton, October 1941. LIMITED TO 2000 WORLDWIDE, But Only About 300 Were Shipped To The US Market. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF SHIPPING CARRIER. VERY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!! 1/72 239.95 LIMITED STOCK
Short Sunderland
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AA27501sm.jpg Special  Short Sunderland MkIII, EJ134, 461 Squadron RAAF, 1943, 1:72nd. Scale. Built at Short Brothers in Kent, Sunderland EJ134 joined No.461 Squadron RAAF on 31st December 1942 at Hamworthy Junction in Dorset. On 2nd June 1943, with its famous call sign “N for Nuts” and piloted by Flight Lt. Colin Walker, it set out over the Bay of Biscay conducting a routine anti-submarine patrol. The crew had been ordered to look out for survivors of a KLM civil airliner when they came under fire by no fewer than eight Junkers JU 88s of the Luftwaffe’s 13/KG40 in what was to be the first of at least twenty separate attacks that would last forty-five minutes. The aircraft was severely damaged from the attacks, but it had a trick up its sleeve in its two 50. caliber machine guns and shot down at least three of the enemy aircraft before the crew navigated the dying plane back to Britain where they ditched just off the beach of Praa Sands. Note: Very Few Remain Available For Ordering So Order Now If You Have Not Already Ordered Your. 1/72 199.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AF1-0088Csm.jpg Special  JUNE 2018 RELEASE: 61-7962, ( R.I.P. Detachment 1 ), SR-71A Blackbird 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 99.95 LIMITED STOCK
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FA721102sm.jpg Special  2014 Release: Thunderbirds Lead, USAF, 1974, T-38 Talon 1/72 Die Cast Model 1/72 109.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA5403sm.jpg Special  AUGUST 2017 RELEASE: Northrop T-38A Talon ""Jackie Cochran"" 60-0551, Edward Air Force Base, California, 1961, 1/72 Die Cast Model. NEW TOOL! 1/72 54.95 LIMITED STOCK
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FV-861008Asm.jpg Special  JULY 2017 RELEASE: U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) 1/700 Die Cast Model. Forces of Valor offers affordable, ready-made naval warships in 1:700 scale. Models features include diecast metal construction with some plastic components, rotating turrets, elevating cannons and accurate hull, realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details and pad printed markings that won't fade or peel like decals. 1/700 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRR60156sm.jpg Special  German Super Heavy Tank M.U.T. Maus, Boblingen 1944. 1/72 12.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRR60159sm.jpg Special  Hornisse (Nashorn Early Variant) s.H.Pz.Jg.Abt. 525. 1/72 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
Austin Tilly
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76TIL001sm.jpg Special  JUNE 2013 RELEASE: 9th Survey Regiment Royal Artillery, Austin Tilly 1/76 Die Cast Model. 1/76 4.95 LIMITED STOCK
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76TIL003sm.jpg Special  11th African Division, Sudan, 1941, Caunter Scheme, Austin Light Utility Truck Tilly 1/76 Die Cast Model 1/76 4.95 LIMITED STOCK
Bedford Vehicles
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76BD009sm.jpg Special  Royal Navy, Bedford OX Lorry Truck 1/76 Die Cast Model 1/76 9.95 LIMITED STOCK

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