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Model No Description Scale Price Stock Status
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AF1-0111Ssm.jpg Summer Special  JANUARY 2016 RELEASE: SIGNATURE EDITION, (40-2344,) Lt. Col. J.H. Doolittle, Co-Pilot Lt. R.E. Cole, 34th Squadron, April 18, 1942, B-25B Mitchell 1/72 Die Cast Model, NEW TOOL! NOTE: This Release Will Come With Fixed Gear Down Position Only. 1/72 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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Summer Special  CORGI AVIATION ARCHIVE 50th ANNIVERSARY, Bf109 Hans Von Hahn. 1/72 89.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRW50068Ssm.jpg Summer Special  1/72 Me109G-2 Trop De La 385a Squadriglia. 1/72 15.95 LIMITED STOCK
BI-WING F4B & P12s
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HA7908sm.jpg Summer Special  SEPTEMBER 2014 RELEASE: Boeing F4B-3 BuNo. A8911, Command Plane H.Q., US Marines, Washington, NAS Anacostia, 1930s. 1/48 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA3407sm.jpg Summer Special  FEBRUARY 2018 RELEASE: Japan F-1 "" Air Combat Meet 2000 "", 00-8240, 6th SQ, 8th AW, JASDF, 1:72nd. Scale Die-Cast. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1058sm.jpg Summer Special  Lockheed F-104B Starfighter Republic of China Air Force (Taiwan), Ching Chuan Kang AB, 1960. 1/72 59.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA3848sm.jpg Summer Special  JULY 2017 RELEASE: Lockheed F-16A Block 20 ROCAF, 21st FS (Gamblers) (20th Anniversary Scheme), 2016, 1/72 Die Cast Model. As part of the 56th Operations Group presently based at Luke AFB the 21st Fighter Squadron (FS) “Gamblers” is tasked with training ROCAF pilots to fly the F-16 as well as developing ROCAF instructors. There are fourteen F-16A/Bs located at Luke AFB and officially belong to Taiwan but wear USAF markings and 21st tail flashing “Gamblers”. This training agreement began in 1996 so in 2016 F-16A 93-0721 was given a “20th Anniversary” paint scheme with the port side of the tail wearing black while the starboard side wears red. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA2714sm.jpg Summer Special  JUNE 2017 RELEASE:Japan F-2B ""Return to Matsushima AB"" 33-8116, 4th AW, 21st SQ , JASDF, March 2016. Model comes with 6 empty wing pylons and 1 center fuel tank; no weapon, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA2715sm.jpg Summer Special  NOVEMBER 2017 RELEASE: Japan F-2A "" Air Combat Meet 2013 "" 13-8557, 3rd SQ, 3rd AW, JASDF, Misawa AB, VERY LIMITED PRODUCTION, 1/72 Die Cast Model. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1907sm.jpg Summer Special  McDonnell-Douglas F-4E Phantom II (Arkansas Traveler II) 469th TFS - 388th TFW, Korat AB, Thailand, 1970. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF SHIPPING CARRIER, ONLY 1 AVAILABLE!! 1/72 199.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA1990Bsm.jpg Summer Special  NOVENBER 2014 RELEASE: REGULAR NON-SIGNED EDITION. McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II AF 80-573, 14th TRS Udorn, Jan 1972. In 2009, John Stiles and Nguyen Hong MY meet in Washington DC for the first time. Dan Cherry arranged to introduce Nguyen Hong My to the man who he shot down during the Vietnam War in 1972. Since 1972, RF-4 “Recce” Weapons Systems Officer John Stiles had always believed that he and his Pilot Bob Mock had been shot down by ground fire, not enemy aircraft. Lieutenant Colonel USAF John Stiles (retired) retired after a 24 years from active duty with 4,500 hours of flight time in the RF-4C, F-4D and E, as well as the OA-37. Despite a stellar Air Force career, was never able to completely get over his near death experience of being shot down over Laos on January 19, 1972. Nightmares of the ejection and eight hours of desperately evading the encircling enemy forces had always clouded his sleep since then. The memories of the violent explosion and ejection at tree top level were never far from his thoughts. The words “Eject! Eject! Eject!” that Bob Mocked screamed over the intercom were seared in to his psyche. For 37 years he had believed that he was shot down by enemy ground fire. He thought he had seen it with his own eyes. When Dan Cherry contacted him in 2008 and asked him to consider a different possibility, he was skeptical at first. Dan suggested that it might not have been the ground fire that nearly killed him, but that he and pilot Bob Mock had been shot down by 2 Atoll air-to-air missiles from a MiG-21 fighter jet. A jet piloted by Lt. Nguyen Hong My. It was not until after John Stiles met the former VPAF pilot in Washington DC on April 26, 2009 that a different reality of that war time experience would emerge. In the lobby of the Capital Holiday Inn, the reunion was an emotional one. According to John Stiles, Hong My had to answer 3 questions that only Hong My would know before he might start to believe this unbelievable story. At dinner that night, in the quiet corner of a Georgetown restaurant Hong My answered the questions. At that moment John and Hong My began to realize how their lives were going to change. Soon after, John’s nightmares would become a thing of the past. 1/72 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA4303sm.jpg Summer Special  Golden Hawk Sabre Mk.5 23037, 1960 Aerobatic Team, RCAF. 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA27607sm.jpg Summer Special  Pete's Pick Special No Other Discounts Apply. Hawker Hurricane MkI YB-J, ‘Winged Popeye’ P.O Leonard Walter Stevens No.17 Sqn, Debden , 1940 1:72 Scale. 1/72 39.95 LIMITED STOCK
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JCW72-MG29-001sm.jpg Summer Special  JANUARY 2017 RELEASE: MiG-29 Fulcrum-A Diecast Model, Soviet Air Force 2nd Aggressor Sqn, ""Red 08"" 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA5502sm.jpg Summer Special  MARCH 2017 RELEASE: Chiao Wu O, 29th FS/5th FG, Chinese Air Force, China 1944, P-40N Warhawk 1/72 Die Cast Model, NEW TOOL! 1/72 44.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA7729Asm.jpg Summer Special  FEBRUARY 2016 RELEASE: Signature Edition, 414450, Capt C. E. Bud Anderson, 363rd FS, 357th FG, 1944, P-51D Mustang 1/48 Die Cast Model. 1/48 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA4901sm.jpg Summer Special  MARCH 2016 RELEASE: S-3B Viking ""USS Independence"" 160131, VS-21 ""Fighting Redtails"" U.S. NAVY, 1990s. 1/72 94.95 LIMITED STOCK
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AA39501sm.jpg Summer Special  MacRoberts Reply, Short Stirling Mk.I N6086/LS-F, 15 Sqn., Wyton, October 1941. LIMITED TO 2000 WORLDWIDE, But Only About 300 Were Shipped To The US Market. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES, OUR CHOICE OF SHIPPING CARRIER. VERY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!! 1/72 299.95 LIMITED STOCK
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Summer Special  CORGI AVIATION ARCHIVE 50th ANNIVERSARY, Spitfire Sailor Milan. 1/72 89.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA8313sm.jpg Summer Special  OCTOBER 2016 RELEASE: EN522, Spitfire IXe ""Ezer Weisman"" 205/57, 105 Sqn., Ramat David AB, June 1955, 1/48 Die Cast Model. 1/48 69.95 LIMITED STOCK
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HA5403sm.jpg Summer Special  AUGUST 2017 RELEASE: Northrop T-38A Talon ""Jackie Cochran"" 60-0551, Edward Air Force Base, California, 1961, 1/72 Die Cast Model. NEW TOOL! 1/72 49.95 LIMITED STOCK
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DRR60156sm.jpg Summer Special  German Super Heavy Tank M.U.T. Maus, Boblingen 1944. 1/72 9.95 LIMITED STOCK

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